Lowcountry hospital dealing with PPE supply chain issue

Lowcountry hospital dealing with PPE supply chain issue

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - So far in the pandemic, hospital workers have been wearing a lot of PPE. Even stacking it to make sure they are keeping themselves safe as well as their patients.

When COVID-19 first came to the United States, Beaufort Memorial had already taken stock of what personal protective equipment they had. They had stored enough for about two months.

But once COVID-19 hit the hospital, they ran into a supply chain issue along with the rest of the United States.

Every nurse and doctor at the hospital is required to wear PPE. They are required to wear a mask and a pair of goggles any time they are around a patient.

When it’s a COVID-19 patient, things get even more intense and they are required to cover their entire body. This means they go through a lot of equipment.

The hospital says getting ahead of a shortage has been tough.

“Generally, supply chain is still a problem, at least for us. As we are hearing from other hospitals throughout South Carolina and other places, our traditional vendors are still struggling to make sure we get necessary shipments in. We are on a lot of allocation type models where we are getting a set number of different pieces of equipment each month. So, we’re having to get creative,” Beaufort Memorial CEO Russell Baxley said.

So far, they haven’t had to go without PPE and they say they are still encouraging citizens to wear masks and take precautions, including wearing PPE, whenever they are in a situation when they could be exposed to COVID-19.Copyright 2020 WTOC. All rights reserved.