Everyday Heroes: COVID-19 testing site volunteers from New York

Everyday Heroes: COVID-19 testing site volunteers from New York

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A few healthcare workers left their home in New York to volunteer at COVID-19 testing sites in Savannah.

They left their families and friends and traveled hundreds of miles to help our community.

These volunteers already have the experience to conduct large scale testing in communities like ours, and they're sharing that knowledge to help stop the spread in Savannah.

“These are people who have taken time out of their own lives, put everything aside, family, jobs, everything and have come out just to help the community. Just to help humanity, just to make sure that we all survive in this pandemic,” Dr. Perez Luisa said.

“We were given the opportunity so we wanted to come down here and help in any way we can. This testing site right here is the second one for our stay here in Savannah and hopefully the results we get will help,” Registered Nurse Chris Haggerty said.

"I would like to say to the people of Savannah thank you so much for welcoming us. You guys are amazing. And I just have one request, just because you're not effect or your family or your friends by no means feel that this is not a reality try to take care of yourself before it becomes real for you or your friends or your family."

We want to say thank you to all the healthcare workers battling this virus.

Don’t forget the new COVID-19 test site is happening at the Temple of Glory Community Church on Stiles Avenue. Residents can schedule appointments online at www.somosny.com or call 1-833-766-6769

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