New Evans County Christian Learning Center will open soon

New Evans County Christian Learning Center will open soon

EVANS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Five years and nearly $500,000 later, the highly anticipated Evans County Christian Learning Center will finally be available to students.

Conveniently located across from what will be the new Claxton High School. The center's director says that was exactly their goal.

Middle and high school students can take religion courses as part of their public school curriculum. There are four different classes that will be taught at the center and the students receive credit towards their graduation requirements.

“We feel that a Christian education is vital to having a true rounded individual. We want students to not only know the word of God but be able to share the word of God to their friends, to their family, to the community. The key is for it to be a part of who they are,” Evans County Christian Learning Center Executive Director Lynn Gardner said.

Gardner said they couldn't have done it without the generosity of the Strickland foundation. She says what started off as just a vision has now manifested into something much bigger.

“This is a community school and it takes the community working together to financially keep everything going, we don’t have any government funding,” Gardner said.

For students they say, because the center was remodeled from an older house, the new space provides them with a different learning environment.

“It feels like they take me in, and it feels like a home more than just a classroom and they just welcome me in; it’s nice,” Claxton High sophomore Hunter Taylor said.

“It’s a lot different than walking into a library having to be quiet and make sure you mind your own space. Here it’s just a lot more open and I feel like we can do a lot more and be together more,” incoming freshman Joanna Brown said.

There will be a ribbon cutting Thursday at 5 p.m. The first day of classes in the center will be Sept. 10.

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