Savannah Tech holds annual cake decorating contest

Smaller but just as sweet, students put their skills to the test
Cake Decorating Contest
Cake Decorating Contest(Sam Bauman)
Published: Jul. 29, 2020 at 3:42 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Of course, education has looked a little different this summer at Savannah Tech but that didn't stop them from holding their annual cake decorating contest.

Students vying for a good grade and bragging rights while putting their skills to the test.

“So, today (Wednesday) is our showcase of the cake decorating class, Savannah Tech, 2020,” said Lead Savannah Tech Pastry Chef Zebulon Berry.

The nine week summer class culminating with the annual competition.

“This is their final exam,” Berry says.

The students getting a grade from their instructor.

Now battling for prizes and something maybe equally important.

“Of course, bragging rights,” joked Berry.

Students given four days to go from concept to confection.

Judged on everything from color to specific decorating techniques.

Something some of the lesser qualified judges may overlook.

“I’m sure they’re not used to judging a wedding cake in the same manner that I am,” said Berry.

But even for the more credible critics, like Chair of Savannah Tech Foundation Board Gary Sanchez, it became clear quickly that judging would be no piece of cake.

“You know, it’s very difficult actually because all the cakes were so beautiful it’s just hard to pick between them.”

Despite the smaller class size and new health guidelines the cakes, and their decorators certainly didn't disappoint.

“It’s amazing that they learned to do this, this level of professional decorating in such a short time. It’s truly amazing,” said Sanchez.

All incredible in their own way.

But their can only be one winner, which turned out to be number two.

Officially putting a bow on the class for this year, the only downside, we (the judges) didn’t get to have our cake and eat it too.

“We don’t get to actually eat the cakes, so, that was a bit of a disappointment,” chuckled Sanchez.

If you’d like to judge the cakes for yourself they will be on display throughout the rest of the coming year at Savannah Tech.

But again, keep in mind, you still won’t be able to taste them.

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