Bacon Co. schools discuss plans amid pandemic

Bacon Co. schools discuss plans amid pandemic

BACON COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - As Bacon County students and teachers get ready to return for a new school year, the superintendent says they’ve been getting ready almost from the time they closed due to COVID-19 in March.

“This is unchartered territory. We’ve never been through anything like this,” said Superintendent Judy Rowland.

Superintendent Judy Rowland says they’re preparing to educate 2,200 students as best they can. They’ve offered in-person classes and virtual instruction. Parent Lorie Hyers says her son didn’t think twice.

“I explained to him they’ll have in-person school and online school and he said “I’m going back to school.” I mean, he’s a senior,” said Hyers.

Rowland says 88 percent of families chose on-campus learning. For the rest, they've contracted for virtual teaching.

“Edgenuity, they have their own tutors, their own hours. They’ll monitor the students. But we’ll also have points of contact within our schools.”

She says their protocols will start with recommending students wear masks on the bus.

“We’ve also hired bus monitors for each bus and they’ll check the temperatures for each child as they get on the bus.”

In addition, they're asking any parents who can to drive their students to and from school to allow distancing on the bus. They're also hoping to spread out students in the four schools' cafeterias at lunchtime.

“One grade will rotate and eat in the cafeteria one day and the other two will get a hot lunch delivered to their classrooms.”

Parents I spoke with feel satisfied the schools will do all they can and they're teaching their own kids to be safe too.

“We keep saying ‘try to keep your hands washed and stay at a distance and keep your mask on.” I think that will help,” said parent Lori Stokes.

Rowland also says they have plans ready if the pandemic forces them to closes buildings and go virtual.

She says they’re trying to do all they can to bring some normalcy to what will at least start as the most un-normal year ever.

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