Gov. McMaster issues new executive orders for COVID-19

Gov. McMaster issues new executive orders for COVID-19

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - South Carolina COVID-19 restrictions create tough choices for business owners.

The governor is allowing concert halls and music venues to re-open but not like old times.

Managers have to figure out how they are going to convince concertgoers to go to a nearly empty show, wear a mask, and convince artists to come play in the theater that is at half capacity.

Normally the Roasting Room in Bluffton is full of people, live music, and dancing. But lately it’s been quiet.

As of August 3 that could all change. The governor announced concert venues and theaters can re-open at half capacity.

“We don’t really have any shows on the books until September. Which it still gives us enough time to figure out what that’s going to look like,” said Jordan Ross with the Roasting Room.

According to the mandate, people must practice social distancing, masks will be required, and alcohol cannot be sold after 11 p.m. While Ross is excited they are allowed to re-open, he was surprised.

“I was kind of caught off guard. I didn’t think that would be anytime soon.”

The roasting room brings in artists from all over the nation. They typically house around 80 people in the small room.

“Our business model is built around selling out. "

With the restrictions they would only be allowed to have around 40 people, which means the Roasting Room has a decision: do they open up and not make much money, or stay closed and hold out until they can truly come back for the people of Bluffton?

“We are going to take the temperature of, of the community. We are not willing to open unless it is absolutely, averyone is behind it.”

It’s a decision venues across the state will have to face.

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