Local gyms requiring face coverings during workouts

Local gyms requiring face coverings during workouts

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - More gyms are asking people to wear a face mask while they work out.

Starting Aug. 1, all Planet Fitness locations will require members and guests to wear a face covering.

Some may find it difficult to exercise while wearing a mask, so WTOC spoke with a health expert about the best practices.

Health professionals continue to support the wearing of face masks in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. They say some may find it difficult to work out while wearing a face mask, but like all fitness activities, you must give your body time to adapt. They also say the disposable masks are more breathable than the cloth coverings.

“The disposable masks are a little more breathable. Of course, you can dispose of it once you’re finished too. But if you do use a cloth mask, just make sure you’re washing it after each use,” said Carty Powers, Outpatient Rehab Manager. “It’s just a matter of getting used to it while working out. It’s also important that you don’t touch your mask too often as you’re working out. You want to make sure you wash your hands before you touch your mask.”

Health experts say it’s also important that you clean your gym equipment before and after each use.

Planet Fitness isn’t the only fitness center requiring masks. Orangetheory Fitness also added mask required classes to their schedules this week. Participants can now decide if they want to attend a mask required class or one without.

And the YMCA of Coastal Georgia says for the safety of all, members are strongly encouraged to wear facial coverings while visiting their facilities. They request that members bring a mask and wear it whenever possible, especially in common areas where other members are present or when it is not possible to maintain six feet of distance. All YMCA staff wear PPE while at work.

Health officials say if you do not want to wear a mask during your workout, you should continue to do home workouts or exercise outdoors.

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