CEMA encourages residents to be prepared for Isaias

CEMA encourages residents to be prepared for Isaias

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Chatham Emergency Management Agency has been monitoring Isaias over the last few days. It has since turned from a hurricane into a tropical storm, but CEMA is still asking that people be prepared.

CEMA is constantly monitoring storms and has had a full staff on hand in their emergency operations center to provide updates. Aside from watching the storm’s track, they’re also making sure they’re communicating with their partners in the community about any and all threats. Clearing storm drains, monitoring flood-prone areas, and watching the tides are just a few things CEMA does to make sure people are as safe as they can be. Even though it is now a tropical storm, CEMA officials still advise that people take it seriously.

“Every storm is different,” says Randall Mathew, Assistant Director with CEMA. “so we have to treat every storm situation as a brand new situation and understand what those impacts are going to be. We could have a tropical storm that would have hit us as a direct impact and that would possibly produce a lot more damage than if there was a category 3 off our coast.”

Mathews says people should bring in outdoor furniture or things that could get damaged by strong winds.

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