Appling Co. preparing for the start of school

Appling Co. preparing for the start of school

APPLING COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - School districts and communities large and small have plans to deal with education during this pandemic.

For the nearly 4,000 Appling County school students, the protocols for COVID-19 will begin as early as the morning bus stop and continue through the day.

Appling County’s superintendent says they posted their COVID-19 plan Friday and have already revised it Monday to keep up with the changes.

“They’ve been rolling out plans day and night based on recommendations from DPH, CDC, and State Dept. of Education,” said Dr. Scarlett Copeland.

They offered families the option of virtual learning and about 20 percent will use it. For those coming to campus, she says their precautions will start before students can even get to school - at the bus stops.

“They’ll have their temperature checked before they board the bus. There will be assigned seating.”

They'll test car riders outside each school. Recess and PE will take social distancing into account during the day. They're also looking for ways to spread out students at lunchtime to either eat in the cafeteria or in their classroom.

“We’re letting principals work with school nutrition directors and the staffs at their school to do rotational schedules.”

She says the year will be like nothing else in the past. She also asks families to take ownership and help students avoid exposure when they’re not at school too.

Dr. Copeland says each of the six campuses will become a hotspot, in a good way. They’ll have school safe wireless internet broadcast out to the parking lots so students can work on assignments virtually.

They’ll even equip five buses with wifi and send them to the most remote parts of the county so students have the resource they need to do the work.

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