Masks, dining times among changes for return to classes at Georgia Southern

Masks, dining times among changes for return to classes at Georgia Southern

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Whether you’re a Georgia Southern student in Statesboro, Hinesville, or on the Armstrong campus, university life this year will be different.

University leaders say they've worked for months on a reopening plan to deal with the pandemic.

“103 faculty, staff, and administrators all working to solve this equation of what does the new normal look like,” President Dr. Kyle Marrero said.

They looked at classroom buildings and how to use spaces safer.

“If it’s a class of twenty five, do we deliver in the normal classroom or maybe we put them in a bigger room to allow for social distancing,” Dr. Marrero said.

In lecture classes, they may split up class days for fewer students at a time. Marrero says they’ve studied things as how to feed thousands of people three meals a day either with a to-go meal or sit-down dining.

“There’ll be waves coming in by schedule. Your dining card might say come in 11-12 or 12-1 or 1-2,” Dr. Marrero said.

He says campus life will include a requirement of masks, social distancing and staggering events to keep people as safe as possible even in a large campus population.

“That means it won’t be exactly the same, but we’ll do everything we can to capture the environment and expectation of each of our students,” Dr. Marrero said.

They'll require masks in classrooms and other common areas. The exceptions will be open areas away from other people as well as students' apartments and faculty or staff's offices.

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