Delayed start to help Screven County Schools prepare for new year

Delayed start to help Screven County Schools prepare for new year

SCREVEN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Nearly a third of Screven County’s 2,200 students will attend virtually when school starts this year.

That's one reason, the superintendent says, they extended pre-planning this year to give everyone time to figure out who's teaching who and how.

Hallways remain silent as Screven County schools pushed back the start date. The superintendent says teachers will be assigned to teach face to face or virtual, but not both.

“They’ll be managing those students online and the other teachers will be teaching face-to-face,” Superintendent Dr. Jim Thompson said.

He says they're asking any parents who can take their students to or from school to do so to ease crowding on buses.

“We’ll have as few students on a bus as possible. Students will also have assigned seats,” Dr. Thompson said.

They'll take temperatures when students arrive and quarantine any student with fever or symptoms until parents can get them. At school, they'll spread students as much as possible in places like the cafeteria.

“We’ll have some students eating in the lunchroom and we’ll rotate that while other kids are eating in their classroom,” Dr. Thompson said.

He said they need parents to be as watchful over students’ health at home as staff will be at school.

“I do think with so many students doing virtual, we’ll have fewer students in the buildings and that will make social distancing easier,” Dr. Thompson said.

He says parents will see differences even before school starts. They’ll do Open House this year by appointment.

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