Gov. McMaster urging local cities to enact mask mandates

Gov. McMaster urging local cities to enact mask mandates

SOUTH CAROLINA (WTOC) - New guidelines from the governor of South Carolina are now in effect.

As of Monday all businesses could re-open, dine in seating is limited to 50 percent capacity, and masks must be worn inside state buildings.

But mask mandates in other areas are still left up to local government. In Jasper County, the mayor of one city says while they appreciate the governor’s comments, they will not be changing things

The city of Hardeeville in Jasper County has not passed a mandatory mask ordinance yet and despite the governors comments, the mayor says they likely are going to stick with what they already have.

“We agreed that we do not need to take any further actions at this time,” said Mayor Harry Williams.

The city of Hardeeville will not be adjusting its mask ordinance after the governor released an executive order urging counties and municipalities to enact mask mandates.

“It’s important and we are putting posters in all of the stores and restaurants and they are putting them up. Everyone is compliant.”

The city says they want stores to require masks for entry. Local businesses say for the most part people comply, despite it not being law.

“My boss just wants us to encourage. Because obviously the city is not enforcing anything so it’s just encourage that you do it,” said Patel Liquor store manager Ruben Chairez.

But the mayor says in his opinion, the city has already done all it needs to do. They say they urge people to wear masks but they will not legislate it.

“We’ve passed a resolution using almost the exact same words as the governor. Urging everyone every business and every person to wear a mask and follow all CDC guidelines.”

The mayor says he’s already seen people in Hardeeville wearing masks. Which, to him, further proves there is no need to pass a mandate.

“The majority of them are respecting the whole mask thing. Usually people are coming in with masks.”

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