Pandemic hasn’t slowed construction of new Effingham County gym

Construction remains ahead of schedule offering hope for the end of 2020

Pandemic hasn’t slowed construction of new Effingham County gym

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The work continues on the new gym at the Clarence E. Morgan Recreation Complex in Effingham County.

Despite the global pandemic, the project is ahead of schedule and possibly offers a light at the end of this dark tunnel that is 2020.

“I call it the Taj Mahal of recreation gyms because it’s going to be one of a kind,” said Effingham County Recreation Director Clarence Morgan

The new gym will offer two full-sized basketball courts, three volleyball courts, locker rooms, concessions, and hope at the end of a long year.

“It is going to be the gold at the end of the rainbow and with what we got going on in the last six months, it’s going to be a bigger, bigger pot of gold,” said Morgan.

While we've seen the facility transform from the outside since the work began back in February, it's a whole new ball game when you step inside.

“You can tell it’s a big building but you don’t really don’t get the concept of how big until you walk inside,” said RW Allen Construction Superintendent Tim Ramsey.

30,000 square feet to be exact, although the gym itself is the main draw.

“They all walk in here and they say, ‘wow,‘” Ramsey explains.

They know it's the little things that will set them apart

“This is the women’s bathroom. Eleven stalls, most schools don’t even have eleven stalls,” Ramsey says.

Becoming both a point of destination and a source of pride.

“Give us a chance to branch out and bring other people into the community, and for us, our people to play in a facility that they can be proud of every time they come,” said Morgan.

And for Morgan a humble sense of accomplishment.

“It’s been a great, great honor that I will always be proud of and hope the people have been proud of the job I’ve done over the past 55 years.”

A job he knows he says he couldn’t do alone.

“I only did what people in the county that been with me helped me to get done.”

The project was originally slated to be completed by December but Morgan believes it may be done about a month early in time for basketball season.

A season they are still unsure exactly how it will look depending on the state of the pandemic.

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