Richmond Hill city council votes to keep same millage rate

Richmond Hill city council votes to keep same millage rate

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - Richmond Hill City Council has voted to keep the millage rate the same for the year.

The millage rate for the city of Richmond Hill will remain at 4.132 mills. Mayor Russ Carpenter says the rate has remained the same for at least four years.

“What happens with an increase in property value, if you don’t do the roll back, then the state in turns terms this a tax increase,” said Mayor Carpenter.

An increase of 1.03 percent.

By adopting the same millage rate, your property taxes will only go up if your property value has increased. Tuesday night, the city had their last required public hearing on the tax increase.

Mayor Carpenter says residents have not shared any concerns about it.

“I think they realize that this really it’s not a raise. Even though if your house value has gone up, you might you might pay three or four dollars more.”

Mayor Carpenter says the millage rate can be confusing to many.

“If your home is $225,000 in value, then the increase will be $3.78. If it’s $175,000 in value, the increase will be approximately $2.94.”

Mayor Carpenter wants to make it clear, the city is doing what it has done for the past few years by keeping the millage rate the same.

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