Exploring Our Parks: Wormsloe Historic Site

Exploring Our Parks: Wormsloe Historic Site
Exploring Our Parks: Wormsloe Historic Site
Updated: Aug. 6, 2020 at 1:20 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Savannah is surrounded by many historical sites and parks. The Wormsloe Historic Site has over 300 years of history wrapped up in its beautiful Live Oaks and tabby ruins.

When you think of Wormsloe, you think about that mile and a half long drive-way that's lined with Live Oaks. A beautiful scene.

But what you might not know is what happens after.

“Wormsloe is very important. It’s not only instrumental to the history of Savannah but it’s also very integrated into the overall history of the colony of Georgia,” Historic Site Manager Gretchen Gremingeer said. “We have those 400 trees along the avenue. But we also have 1,260 other acres of site here. We’ve got beautiful that folks can visit. And the colonial site within the historic site is really an incredible component that we have. You can’t find that anywhere in Savannah. That is some of the oldest Savannah history that we’ve got.”

“Wormsloe itself has over 300 years of history. Noble Jones would set up here 9 miles south of the city. Really, his home was a fortified home and that was important because being 9 miles south of the city, he was placed on the water, so him and the marine boatmen that were garrisoned here were patrolling the waters being protective of the waters also being on the look-out just in case some of the Spanish ships were going to be floating up from Augusta,” Gremingeer said. “So, really, we are at the birthplace of Savannah and Georgia, here. You can package all the 300 years of history up into a two hour experience and it’s all within your backyard. I hear it day in and day out, local will say, ‘I’ve lived here all of my life and I’ve never been to Wormsloe.’” “You should take this opportunity. Come visit Wormsloe. Enjoy the resources that have been preserved for you in your own backyard,” Gremingeer said.

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