With the old Walt’s redevelopment nearly complete, more projects on the horizon for Springfield

Former Springfield furniture building receives makeover

SPRINGFIELD, Ga. (WTOC) - The old Walt’s Furniture building in Springfield has come a long way since renovations began back in February.

Although they still have a little work left to do, once completed they believe it will bring life to both the old building, and the town it calls home.

“We actually started looking at this building a few years ago and the wheels starting turning,” says Carlson & Co. General Manager Megan Dechant.

Eventually the rubber hit the road, transforming the old Walt’s Furniture building into what you see today.

The future home of Carlson & Co.

“We really wanted a bigger place not only for our floral and gift shop, but for our event planning company,” said Dechant.

Which they certainly found in the newly renovated space.

But despite having a new look, even the new owners see it as it was.

“We still call it the Walt’s building. Even though the sign is down, even though it says Carlson & Co. on the building,” Dechant says.

Something the man behind it all, James Carlson and the Springfield Downtown Development Authority did very much so intentionally.

Finding a perfect mix between past and future.

“It’s something that was important to us to be able to transform something that was such an important building here that everyone knew. So, we don’t want to get rid of the history but we’re excited to have something new in here,” Dechant said.

Even as their business grows they don't believe they'll ever outgrow their hometown.

“A lot of people ask us why we don’t want to go into Savannah or some of the bigger areas.”

Instead they believe their hometown will grow on everyone else.

“We are bringing more people into the community and seeing how special it is. It really does have that small town charm,” says Dechant.

Although this project is nearing it’s end.

“James and Liz Carlson, if you know them you know they’re always working on the next big thing. They have actually purchased a few more properties here in Springfield.”

More is yet to come.

The old Walt’s building will have a couple other tenants as well when completed but they have not made those public yet.

Right now they hope to hold their grand opening by September 1.

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