USCB students returning to school soon

USCB students returning to school soon

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - For students at USCB, things are looking a little bit different this year. Everything from housing to the way their classrooms are set up has changed.

Bringing students back to universities has not been easy.

“Well it’s been a real challenge. And there are a myriad of decisions that need to be made,” said Dr. Kimberly Dudas, Dean of School of Professions.

At the University of South Carolina Beaufort, they have been preparing for students to return all summer. Students can expect reduced classroom occupancy, spread out seating, and tools to stay sanitary.

“We are at about a third of our usual capacity in classrooms.”

After class, changes have been made to student living as well.

“We are really lucky and that our housing style sets up nicely for social distancing,” said Justin Shelley, Director of Housing.

There will be no dorm wide events. Instead, they will be using Zoom and Google Hang Out. But the campus also has an advantage.

“We are hoping we can utilize the outdoor space we have on campus.”

The apartment-style dorms are set up to where there are no communal bathrooms or even hallways. They can use outdoor areas to spread out.

“We really need them to advocate for themselves. You know? If they are feeling sick, if they have symptoms, they need to take care of themselves.”

The visitor policy now requires guests to be registered 24 hours before their arrival. And an entire dorm has been set aside for quarantine just in case there is an exposure to COVID-19.

“This time, right now, we need to really make sure we are doing our best to respect the community and take care of each other. We have to be honest with ourselves and speak up when we are not feeling well.”

The university says they’re doing everything they can to limit spread ahead of time and hope everyone can return to school safely.

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