Beaufort Co. teachers discuss upcoming school year

Beaufort Co. teachers discuss upcoming school year

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Even though students won’t be entering these doors on September 8 teachers are still preparing for a successful year.

Teachers all over Beaufort County are trying to prepare for a virtual school year.

“A lot of us really are not trying to dump too much time into preparation because we don’t really know what we are preparing for just yet,” said teacher Jessica Davidson.

“Well currently I’m going in and looking at the program and the curriculum and it’s very heavy standards based in South Carolina,” said teacher Jennifer Friend-Kerr.

They are still figuring out what their days will look like. Many have the option to work from home or from the classroom.

“On an average day my kids have a desk right connected to my desk with their computers and they will be working. "

“I will probably come in the building because that’s where all my materials will be.”

And while they’re figuring out what materials can be taught online.

“I can really work with the kids that need that little extra help or clarification.”

They are also figuring out how they will make sure their students are keeping up emotionally.

“Those kind of connections are harder to do virtually so putting forth the effort is really what we are seeing.”

“The social emotional aspect of this? Teaching virtually? Is met by meeting with parents by talking with them.”

Teachers are facing a big challenge, keeping up with standards students need to meet and making sure they are not falling behind

“We are here to help them. We are here to support them. The more they reach out the more we can help.”

The county knows information seems to change every day. Principals say the best way to stay up-to-date is to reach out.

“I feel like my job right now is to provide insight and information.”

They say as they prepare for the school year they hope parents are making sure children are ready to learn online.

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