Bryan Co. Emergency Services receives ambulance with special cleaning feature

Bryan Co. Emergency Services receives bacteria killing ambulance

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Bryan County Emergency Services is stepping it up a notch when it comes to keeping crews safe from COVID-19. They recently got a new ambulance that is equipped with a few different safety features.

With EMS personnel being on the front lines of the pandemic, crew members can be exposed to the virus daily and the new ambulance is one that will help keep them safe from the virus.

The ambulance is equipped with UV lighting that kills bacteria including Salmonella, E-Coli, and even COVID-19 particles. It also has a sliding glass window that separates a patient in the back of the ambulance and crew members in the front.

Chief Freddy Howell said they’ve had five COVID calls in the last seven days. He said when the pandemic first started, they were averaging at least two to three COVID calls a day. Though they haven’t had a COVID call in the last two days, he said they’re doing everything they possibly can to keep crew members safe, because many of his guys are exposed to the virus multiple times a day.

“It’s very important, you know, because with all the things we’re dealing with nowadays and this is a bacteria killing light and there’s other things that we’re finding out about now that we’re going to start trying to equip these ambulances with,” Howell said. ”There’s ultraviolet lights that you can put inside the air condition system which, when it circulates, will kill anything in the air.”

So far Howell said nobody within the department has tested positive for the virus. He said despite the features the ambulance has, they still disinfect the ambulances after every call.

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