Georgia 811 Offers Free Resource

Georgia 811 Day

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Today is Georgia 811 Day. It happens every year on August 11 to remind you about a free resource to keep you and your family safe and maintain important infrastructure underground.

That includes telecommunications and other utilities that you may not be aware of.

The representatives at Georgia 811 say they chose this awareness day not only because of the match between the date and the phone number, but also because many people are working on home improvement projects outdoors around this time of year.

A spokesperson says anytime you’re putting a shovel in the ground and doing an excavation project in the Peach State, you should be calling 811. Make sure you call about three days before you plan on digging. Here’s how the free service works.

“It’s a really simple process. First, you make the call. Then, you delineate the area in white where you’re going to be planting your tree or putting in your mailbox. It’s really easy.” Georgia 811 spokesperson Cliff Meidl said. “Then, you wait the required time, and then what Georgia 8-1-1 does is notifies some of the utilities like your gas, your electricity, your telecommunications, and they will come out, and they will mark the area where you’re digging to see if there’s any conflict with any utilities that may lie beneath the ground.”

In addition to calling the number, you can also head to

The organization is also hosting a virtual 5K. You can participate in that anytime through September 12.

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