Local teachers adjusting to virtual learning

Local teachers adjusting to virtual learning

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WTOC) - Typically parents prepare for the school year by buying backpacks, pencils, and supplies. This year things look a little bit different.

“So this is night and day from compared to what we’ve ever done before,” said parent Sarah Ford.

Parents in Beaufort County are facing a new kind of school year.

“I fully anticipated we were not going to be able to start in classroom learning this year,” said parent Connie Pratt.

Despite nearly three months of virtual learning in the spring. This semester is expected to be different.

“It’s all different from what we did last year it’s going to be completely different this year.”

Students are dealing with the loss of the school year.

“They are sad they don’t get to see their friends.”

But parents are dealing with opening a school from their home.

“I think, you know, we are trying to prepare as much as it’s like regular school so we can keep things as normal as possible.”

Principals and teachers recommend setting up a workstation. Parents showed me how their students are creating their new “school.”

“My older daughter has a desk that she sits at and the younger one sits on the floor in her room.”

“For our younger one we have a school desk that we purchased and so we are just trying to make it a school like as possible”

Principals also recommend working with small groups in your area.

“So I would just encourage, you know, families to now start thinking of what’s going to be the best scenario, the best solution for me to help my children,” said Lady’s Island Middle School Principal Chavon Browne.

Something many parents are already thinking of.

“It really does take a village.”

But while parents may not be buying new lunch bags or school clothes, everyone is still trying to have a successful year.

“We will find a way to get through this and make it the best opportunity and the best situation possible,” said Hilton Head Island Arts Principal Nikki Lucas.

“It will be an adjustment. But I think we will do all right.”

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