Last-minute back to school immunizations held in Bryan Co.

Last-minute back to school immunizations held in Bryan Co.

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Students in Bryan County have just days until the start of the new school year, but with that comes mandatory immunizations.

It's easy to forget about getting your child vaccinated before the start of the school year, especially when you factor a global pandemic into the picture.

The nurse manager for Bryan County says there is a 30 day window after the start of school where kids can still get vaccinated, but she says the earlier the better.

She says right now their appointment windows are a bit slim because of COVID-19 and because of people who have waited until the last minute.

However she says vaccines are there for a purpose and they will do everything they can to get kids in.

“For people that have waited until the last minute because of COVID-19 testing. The vaccines in the state of Georgia that are the required vaccines, those vaccines are there for a purpose and it is because a lot of these diseases that they take care of, we have pretty much eradicated in the United States. When people are not being vaccinated, though, then we run the risk of like we’ve seen in the past with the measles outbreaks, areas where we’ve seen some polio. So we want to keep the children protected from the diseases that we know these vaccines protect them from,” said Laurie Mehlhorn, Bryan County nurse manager.

Mehlhorn says they will also be offering free vision, hearing and dental screenings next Monday in Pembroke and Wednesday in Richmond Hill by appointment only.

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