Retired medical technician making an impact on the gridiron

Retired medical technician making an impact on the gridiron

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - During this pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of people who have gotten creative by making masks. Now, we’ve found one Savannah woman who is having an impact on the gridiron.

Bonnie Witherton seems to have found her perfect role after retirement.

“It’s my dream job, and so I love it, and I report to work out here every day, and I sew for other people and make things for other people,” Witherton said.

She spends her days in this building out back, with her toys that she uses to make things and it’s a lot of things. Recently, her grandson told his coach that his grandmother could make masks for the Calvary football team. After one weekend, she gave them 80.

“Creating, seeing what you make, making other people happy, and if I see something and I wonder how it’s made, then I can take it apart mentally, and then I can make it myself and that’s what I like.”

From there, Calvary Athletic Director Chad Griffin asked her to try making splashguards for the football helmets, and he thought hers wound up being better that the those by the maker of the helmet. With Bonnie coming from a 30 year Medical Technician background, she’s confident they work.

“That background has allowed me to further research and see actually what we need to use for splashguards, and actually what we need to clean these with, and so I’ve already tried that and we will be cleaning these with bleach and then rinsing and then hanging to dry. Easy clean.”

It should protect the players, and not having to think about that aspect of safety frees them up to concentrate on the game, a huge contribution by Bonnie.

“Oh my gosh, I mean it’s Immense, anytime we can negate, everybody knows athletic is a risk, that’s just a reality of life, and you throw COVID-19 into the mix. It’s still a risk, but athletics is a volunteer activity, so to have someone like her who has a creative mindset who says yeah I can do this and make this, and that’s just one more thing that we can do to protect our student-athletes, it’s phenomenal,” Griffin said.

And somehow, she finds time to do this for the middle and high school players, while keeping up with making regular masks for friends.

“You know if we got to wear mask you know we got to look good when we wear it so I can do pretty much whatever kind you want but it’s fun.”

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