Rescue looking for volunteer cat cuddlers

A local cat rescue is looking for volunteers to help cuddle kittens & more

Rescue looking for volunteer cat cuddlers

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - A local cat rescue, Pooler Paws, recently expanded allowing them to help more of their furry friends.

But that also means they need a little more help. So they’re looking for some “purfect” volunteers to join their team right “meow.”

When Julie Haynes retired from teaching after 35 years she did what many others have done. Bought a second home, sort of.

“Now, I don’t live here. This is only cats that live here,” said Haynes.

Yes, that’s right. It’s a house, for cats. Each room filled with cats, and kittens of all ages, and needs.

Haynes is the president of Pooler Paws.

They've been around for 15 years but just recently started taking in cats.

“A lot of my volunteers were saying, ‘we have a hurt cat here. We have a pregnant cat here.’”

From there, it really took off.

“People were finding out about us and were calling saying, ‘well can you take my cat?’ And you know the story can go on,” Haynes says.

Before they knew it their rescue was full cats but running low on something else.

“Our biggest thing is that we’re needing volunteers.”

Volunteers to help with an important task.

“We have some cats that come in here that are really timid. They need people to really, you know, work with them,” said Haynes.

In other words, they need some committed cat cuddlers.

“This is a very difficult job,” joked one volunteer.

Admittedly it’s not as tough as it looks. Even if you do have to get your hands dirty every now and then.

“There’s always the litter boxes but those need to be cleaned daily,” Haynes said.

All of it making it easier to find these felines their forever home.

And as it turns out you may get a little something out of it too.

“When the days are hard in society today you can come here and let everything just leave and be refreshed with something as innocent as these kittens running around.”

So, if you’re curious come see for yourself. Who knows, maybe a little extra work will help you find the rest you’ve been looking for.

Along with kitten cuddlers, they do need donations of items like cat food and kitty litter.

For more information on how you can contact Pooler Paws click here.

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