Lowcountry preschool dealing with COVID-19 plans, learning virtually

Lowcountry preschool dealing with COVID-19 plans, learning virtually

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - School may be going back into session virtually but many parents are still going back to work and need childcare.

Schools in Beaufort County may be meeting virtually, but preschools and daycare’s are still in session. They spent the summer making sure everyone is staying safe and keeping precautions before they get inside. But now they have to figure out how they are going to help families with virtual learning.

“We’ve done everything from not allowing parents back into the classroom. Every day they drop their children off. We temperature test our children. All of our staff are required to wear their masks when they are out and about in the building,” said Children’s Center Executive Director Jody Levitt.

The Children’s Center on Hilton Head has been open since June. And while they may have summer figured out, the school year will look a little bit different.

“We have jumped into creating what we are calling the virtual school program for our school-age kids.”

Kindergarten through second graders will be able to go to the daycare center when they would normally be in school and have a modified experience.

“We will provide for them and appropriate space and appropriate supervision so they can log on, work with their teachers, we’ll have the support staff there to help.”

The daycare has staff that normally helps students in the summertime.

“Because during summer camp we focus on retention a lot so we don’t want you to lose anything that you came here with. So we are ready do you know, great schoolwork for the most part,” said Javoris Chatman, Teacher Assistant.

Now they will just help them get through a new type of school day.

“We are just going to watch them and help them with their work as much as we can.”

Supervision is an issue the district knows many parents are facing. They have already started working with the Boys and Girls Club, the YMCA, and even local churches to figure out more options for parents who don’t have access to a resource like the children center.

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