Savannah native stays positive through football changes

Turner continuing career at University of Hawaii after Jacksonville dropped program

Savannah native stays positive through football changes
The former New Hampstead star transferred to Hawaii after Jacksonville University ended their football program in December. (Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Several conferences at college football’s top level have postponed the 2020 season, leaving many players off the field this fall.

That’s the case for a former Chatham County star, but he’s staying positive.

Savannah’s Calvin Turner has a particular trait that has helped him as a college football player these days.

Though it’s not his speed, his arm, or his vision. It’s his mindset.

“I try to look at everything on the positive side,” he says.

It’s been something he’s needed over the last nine months.

In December, Turner’s program at Jacksonville University was cut out of the blue. The school cited finances as the reason for the cut. Turner and his teammates were told at a team meeting.

“We didn’t know that our last game together as a group was the week before,” Turner says. “Emotions was very high. It was just a sad moment for everyone.”

After a season in which he led the Dolphins in rushing and was named a First-Team All-Conference selection, the former New Hampstead star was without a football home.

But not for long.

“The first team contacted me the same day the school ended the program,” he says.

Turner would sign with the University of Hawaii, set to play his final college season in Honolulu.

Now at Hawaii, Calvin Turner will have to wait until at least the spring to play his next football game.
Now at Hawaii, Calvin Turner will have to wait until at least the spring to play his next football game. (Source: WTOC)

Shortly after Turner settled at Hawaii, life happened again.

First, the coaching staff that recruited Turner to the island left the program to take over at Washington State. Then two weeks ago, the Mountain West Conference announced football won’t be played this fall.

Turner though is sticking to his mindset though, finding a positive in an all-out blitz of negative.

“It’s just giving me more time to develop in my position, learn the playbook here,” Turner, who is switching positions from quarterback to running back, admits. “So honestly, it’s not a bad thing.”

The Savannah native says he’ll continue to lean on his faith as he waits for his next opportunity to suit up.

Until then, Turner plans to stay positive.

“I’m ready and I’m excited for a new season,” he says.

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