Buses dropping off meals instead of students for first day at SCCPSS

Meal delivery available to for virtual students in Chatham County

Buses dropping off meals instead of students for first day at SCCPSS

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - With the virtual start to the school year that means students won’t be getting on the school buses but you will still probably saw them out in your neighborhood.

That’s because they’re busy dropping off meals.

“It feels exciting! I’m not bored today,” said 5th grader Xander Farner.

Wednesday was a big day for students in Chatham County, that maybe comes with a little stress for parents like Nicole Edwards, “so far it’s been pretty hectic,” and Jason Farner, ”I don’t think teachers get paid enough.”

But the school district is doing their part to hopefully take away some of that stress by providing meals for students.

Saving time.

“It helps out a lot. Especially being that I work from home I don’t have to stop and prepare lunches. It’s just a quick break down the street to pick it up,” said Edwards.

And saving a little money, too.

“The added little help with lunch definitely helps with the bank account,” said Farner.

Plus, maybe you can even check off some classwork while you’re at it.

“I’ve been told we’re going to be doing P.E. so I guess this will be part of our exercise for the day,” laughed Edwards.

Although students and teachers may not be face to face for a while, perhaps these school buses serve as a reminder to families that they aren't in this alone.

“I’m just grateful that the schools are as dedicated as they are, and the staff. Even in this weird time there really dedicated to the kids, so, it’s pretty awesome,” Farner said.

For more information on the bus routes and delivery dates & times click here.

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