Everyday Heroes: South Carolina Firefighters Association Citizenship Award

Everyday Heroes: South Carolina Firefighters Association Citizenship Award

BURTON, S.C. (WTOC) - Two people in the Lowcountry are being recognized for their work educating teens on highway safety.

It’s a subject close to their hearts.

The Burton Fire District, local community members, and the state all came together Wednesday to honor locals who help keep our team safe.

Kelli Bright Burke spent her free time sharing her story and teaching kids why it’s important to wear a seatbelt.

“The Burton Fire have always been like my second family and to work with them and the highway patrol and especially in front of high school students, which was the age I was when I had my accident happen, it’s just an honor.”

Denise Lessard is the assistant principal of instruction at Battery Creek. She set the program up.

“It’s very exciting to get to show them real life things and still working with the Burton fire Department is as real life as you can get,” said Lessard.

They were honored for their work in educating students on life-saving practices.

“In honor and appreciation of your innovation and determination in developing community involvement programs that support fire education and life-saving programs,” said Charlie King, South Carolina State Firefighters Association.

The two say they are excited to get the program back on track for the school year, and will figure out a way to do it virtually.

“Denise and I were just talking about that, possibly doing a zoom one in front of the students. So I will definitely be excited about that,” said Bright Burke.

“For them to see people in the community doing these different jobs, Kelli as an active community member, seeing them in different roles and getting to meet them and hear their stories. We can do all of that virtually thankfully,” said Lessard.

They hope to continue their work so they can continue to help save children’s lives.

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