Savannah-Chatham students log on to learn

Buses dropping off meals instead of students for first day at SCCPSS

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It was not a typical first day of school for thousands of students in Chatham County. The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System started classes virtually on Wednesday.

It was up and at early Monday morning for Abby and Nora Smith. They got up, took their traditional first day of school picture and logged in to virtually learn.

"It's saying my password or username is wrong."

But of course, the day didn't come without some challenges.

“It was a teensy bit frustrating because it took like the whole day to figure out how to get on the app,” 4th grader Nora said.

Once logged in to their Charles Ellis 4th and 6th grade classes, they joined Zoom meetings to talk about how the school day would work in the virtual setting.

“I think it will be harder to adjust to then when it was just regular school, but that’s probably like a given,” Abby said.

Their assignments for the day were to create a learning space and introduce themselves and while they completed it quickly, it didn't mean there weren't adjustments needed as they are learning how to learn together, but separately.

“It’s very hard, because this morning she didn’t have her headphones in so I could hear the whole conversation,” Abby said.

The Smiths say they get help from their parents and they also popped in to ask their teacher questions too. Overall, they are making the most of the situation, but say they are hopeful to get back to class because they miss their teachers and friends.

“I miss school a lot. It’s always been a nice place it’s always been one of my happy places so it’s sad that I don’t get to go there,” Nora said.

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