SCCPSS working to connect parents to resources for virtual learning support

SCCPSS working to connect parents to resources for virtual learning support

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Savannah-Chatham families have had to re-learn how to go to school as classes have begun virtually.

With that change has come some challenges whether technical or logistical, but district leaders say they are here to help.

“We understand that this is difficult,” said Kimberly McGuire, School Counseling Coordinator for SCCPSS. “We are committed to working through this to make sure that our students get what they need because that ultimately impacts how well our community is able to function and grow throughout this time.”

They’ve spent countless hours to create multiple avenues for families to get help they may need.

They have an extensive parent resource guide with details and help for everything from student schedules to contact lists and more.

Officials say they have fielded a lot of calls from families already in the first two days of school, most of them revolving around what parents need to do and how to log in to the software. The district created a troubleshooting shortcut online for families, but says you also should feel free to contact your child’s teacher or school.

They are working as a team to address concerns and will get to everyone, but ask for patience as they get you what’s needed. Kimberly McGuire, the school counseling coordinator, says it’s helpful to be specific about your problems and also be willing to take a step back if needed.

“It can be frustrating when you’re dealing with something that is so new, but I think what you have to do sometimes, as a counselor, step back for a moment take a breath and reach out use those resources,” said McGuire. “Go back and take a second look perhaps the information that’s there sometimes when you reread it will help you. I know even with my own child we had to go back through the information we were able to click the links, but we had to step back for a moment in order to do it.”

The district has not only technology support, but counseling resources too knowing this time has been a challenge for everyone.

Leaders say there are dozens of options so don’t give up and know they will be there to help however they can.

SCCPSS working to connect parents to resources for virtual learning support

Susan Summers’ grandson started kindergarten in Chatham County Wednesday but it hasn’t gone as she hoped.

Frustration with login issues and what to do have her worried about how this school year will go.

“I don’t want him to be disappointed in school in his first years, because that just creates a further problem,” said Summers.

Summers isn’t the only one who has felt that frustration as schools across the country take on this new venture.

“Of course at the beginning of every school year, there’s always questions. But of course with this one, because it is so new, yeah, a lot of calls we’ve had to field through,” said McGuire.

McGuire says she understands the anxiety and the frustration some parents may be feeling in this first week, but she adds the district is here to help.

“We are all committed to doing what it takes to get this right.”

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