Story behind the giant mailbox on Quacco Road

Story behind the giant mailbox on Quacco Road

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s hard to miss, tucked away on Quacco Road, but clearly visible from I-95. A giant mailbox.

Why a giant mailbox?

“I don’t know, just, I come up with some crazy things at night, and I just decided I’d build a mailbox. I had the steel, so I said, ‘I’ll just build this thing,’ just for a conversation piece, people just ride by and see it, and I really don’t know why.”

It sits in front of what Keller calls the Cow Farm, about 250 acres where they raise about 75 head of cattle. The mailbox was supposed to go up at their old Flea Market where the Giant Cow still stands on Highway 17, but Cheri Keller told him the county might have a problem with that. Keller listened to his wife, so in the mid-90s, he put it in front of the farm.

What’s the weirdest reaction he’s gotten about the mailbox?

“The girl wanting to live in it. I mean who would want to live in a mailbox you know? I don’t know but she did. She asked me ‘Can I move in it?’ She wanted me to fix it up, I swear she did, you talk about people asking crazy things, she wanted to live inside the mailbox. I’m serious.”

Keller also has a love of cars. He’s 75 but still races in the Road Warrior division at The Oglethorpe Speedway. This Mad Max looking vehicle is what he calls a tribute to his ex-wives, and it attracts a lot of attention from strangers.

“But it is amazing the people, I actually had a girl that come up to the hot rod at Carey Hilliard’s the last time I ate there, and actually bought my lunch, and she starting talking about that crazy car, and that’s funny to me. And I enjoy it, I do enjoy it, I have to admit.”

So as long as Keller is able, he will probably be willing, to go to the trouble of building crazy things.

“Just for the fun of it, just to make you laugh, and if it makes you laugh, I’m happy.”

And it’s like Sheryl Crow says, “If it makes you happy it can’t be that bad.”

So, after all of these years of wondering, I still have no idea why he built it, because he has no idea. It’s built to scale. One inch of a regulation mailbox, equals one foot of his “Giant Mailbox.”

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