Child Psychologist Emphasizes Importance of Exercise & Socialization in Education

Psychologist emphasizes importance of socialization and outdoor time during virtual learning

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - If your child is learning remotely, experts want to remind you that there is more than just academics involved in their education and development.

Doctor Kristi Duke, owner of Savannah Behavioral Pediatrics, shared some of what you’ll want to make sure is included in an average school day to help keep your child well rounded.

“A couple of things are going to be missing in a virtual environment that are typically included in a school day. Social interaction is really critical, and the physical activity is going to be missing as well,” Dr. Duke said. “So those are some things that parents might want to think about including in a day so that it’s part of their typical routine. And it may be as simple as starting a hangout on Zoom for your children and some of their classmates so that they can have time to talk and get together outside of the typical virtual learning setting. And then incorporating some sort of outdoor time each day. We know that’s incredibly important for children for a number of reasons.”

Another problem you may find yourself running into is how to keep your child focused learning from home. Doctor Duke says even though it may seem counter-intuitive, the best thing to do is provide your student with lots of breaks throughout the day.

“We want to think about helping them approach schoolwork and other school related tasks as attention sprints and not attention marathons. Children all have different varying degrees of attention spans. Some are short, some are long. But if we figure out how long our children can stay and attend, and we break things up based on that time period, they’re going to be much more efficient in getting work done.”

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