Beaufort Co. School District preparing for virtual start

Beaufort County School District preparing for virtual start

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Beaufort County goes back to school two weeks from Tuesday, and the district is doing its last minute preparations to get everyone ready.

Students and teachers at May River High School are counting down the minutes to the start of school.

“It is a very busy time in our schools right now.”

Beaufort County will start school virtually. Right now, that means distributing devices.

“At May River, we have 1,508 students enrolled right now. Last week, we did distribution of devices we gave out 1,080 devices,” May River High Principal Joseph Todd Bornscheuer said.

The district will continue to distribute tools over the next two weeks.

“So, we have a phased rollout plan.”

And making sure students are connected to the internet.

“We do have hotspots for the schools, for those without internet.”

They say right now 90 percent of students have internet access and they feel confident starting the year. But the district is preparing for life after virtual school, as well. Even though students won’t be attending school for at least the first few weeks, in a very Beaufort County move, May River has created a roundabout so students are forced to move in one direction when they are trying to get to class.

The buildings have been modified to allow for social distancing. Tables have been removed from classrooms and guides have been placed all over the halls

“We’ve got good footing right now, so I feel really good going into the year.”

The district says for now it’s all about making sure multiple plans are ready, just in case.

“Managing all the logistics and operational challenges, you know work associated with that, is our priority right now.”

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