Unconventional start to school year impacting hair salons

With students not returning to the classroom many are also not returning for a back to school haircut

Unconventional start to school year impacting hair salons

POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - For many school districts, the beginning of the year looks a lot different than it has in the past. Instead of heading back to the classroom, students are logging on from home.

A change that is impacting an already struggling industry, salons and barber shops

For Cutting Cave owner Nikki Scott, it’s been a tough year.

“We expected to see an impact but we didn’t expect to see this amount of impact for this long,” said Scott.

The impacts of the pandemic causing a sharp decline in business. But with the start of school around the corner, she was hopeful things would pick up.

“Back to school usually has standing room only for about a week right before school starts,” says Scott.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case this year.

“It was a tremendous drop. Our back to school sales had an 80 percent drop this year,” said Scott.

Making it even worse, Scott says they’ve already been dealing with a 50 percent loss of business overall.

While she remains confident the Cutting Cave will survive, there is concern for the future of her second salon, Sheared Treasures, which only opened up a few months ago.

“It’s just a really scary, touch and go right now. Like we really don’t know what the right answer is right now because we thought by now things would be back to normal and they’re not.”

Scott saying they may soon have to cut hours or even days at Sheared Treasures.

Despite following guidelines to keep their salon safe and clean customers haven’t returned, but they’re trying to stay optimistic.

“Well, what we’re hopeful for is that when Savannah reopens their door we’ll see the back to school crowd just a little later in the year. That’s what our hope is,” Scott says.

For now it seems that’s all they can do, hope.

“I know that they’ll be a bounce back, it’s just surviving until that happens,” said Scott.

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