Good News: Local bakery owner sponsoring a student for college

Good News: Local bakery owner sponsoring a student for college

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Balinda Baptiste has a passion for baking and a heart for people.

Belinda Baptiste measures or weighs every ingredient that goes into her Unforgettable pound cake. But there is no recipe for what she is now getting out of them.

“For me, when things don’t go well for me, I find someone who is less fortunate always to help out.”

The owner of Unforgettable Bakery in midtown Savannah has changed how she does business during the pandemic. She opens just three days a week with no indoor dining and has started selling goods at the Forsyth Farmer’s Market to keep her shop open.

Yet, in the face of challenge, she has launched a new charity.

“I said, you know what, I’m going to sponsor a kid for college at an HBCU and it’s going to be paid for. So, I decided to sell pound cakes, little pound cakes, and so I’ve been selling them since.”

For years, Baptiste ran a similar program to fund a school in Haiti. But she recognized the need around her when schools this spring left some students with no place to go.

“When hardship comes, you find things you didn’t know about. I found out that, oh my gosh, they don’t have a place to eat if the cafeteria is closed and they have to go to the food shelter. I still have two students that I sponsor, but I felt the need to do something in the states or Savannah or where I am. That’s why.”

Baptiste will have to raise $26,000 to send a local student to any HBCU, and in her first month, she has already reached $1,500.

“People will join in when you’re doing something positive to help others.”

But she already sees her new pound cake program continuing to grow.

“The reality is, I sort of want to do it as an example of what each little small business that doesn’t make a lot of money decided, I’m going to help a student. The power of multiplication is great.”

Baptiste hopes to sponsor a student from Savannah based strictly on need.

Her fundraiser pound cakes are $25 and she asks that you order in advance by calling Unforgettable Bakery.

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