Second Harvest has new plans for this hurricane season

Second Harvest has new plans for this hurricane season

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Hundreds turned out for another food distribution event hosted by America’s Second Harvest. Highlighting the continued need for food amidst the pandemic.

While they focus on the daily need, the food bank is also looking ahead and planning for what mother nature my soon throw our way.

Lately this isn’t an uncommon scene. Cars wrapped around Memorial Stadium, all waiting to be loaded up with 75 pounds of food from America’s Second Harvest.

And as they focus on the issue right in front of them, one eye remains fixed on the horizon. Looking for the potential danger, lurking in the distance.

“Well, you know we’re going into Hurricane season and especially what’s going on now in Louisiana and everything. We actually are pre-planning,” Mary Jane Crouch said.

Hurricanes, of course, are nothing new to the area but this year the plan from America’s Second Harvest is.

“You know we always pre-plan, but we packed a thousand boxes of food that can be used in case of no electricity. We’re kind of calling them our no electricity boxes,” Crouch said.

And if a hurricane was headed our way, those no electricity boxes would be moved further inland to keep them safe and ready to hand out when the storm passed. Power or not, thanks to a donation, America’s Second Harvest says they’ll now be even more prepared to serve following a disaster.

“We are also putting in a generator at our kitchen so that we would be able to completely operate our kitchen should something happen, and we lose electricity at the food bank. We’d still be able to cook meals and provide hot fresh meals to people in our community,” Crouch said.

Whether it’s a storm or a global pandemic, they may not be able to stop them from coming, but when they do, America’s Second Harvest will be there, and they’ll be ready.

America’s Second Harvest was also recently given $100,000 from the County through the CARES Act.

Money, they say, will help them continue to provide food distribution events like they held Thursday.

If you would like to help America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia for future distribution events, monetary donations can be made online at

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