Former Tybee police officer serves up new way to keep community safe

The “Tap Truck” bring drinks to you to help keep drunk drivers off the road

Former Tybee police officer serves up new way to keep community safe

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Classic cars, and cold brews. Two things it seems everyone loves, which is what one Savannah man is banking on.

When Joseph Toole first got his old truck, it had a long road ahead of it.

“Had a mechanic look at it and just sat down and cried a little bit when I found out everything that was wrong with this,” said Toole.

But after two years and as Toole put it, “a lot of blood sweat and tears.” His hard work had paid off, or he hoped would maybe eventually pay for itself.

“It was a great idea it just had to be able to roll to get there,” said Toole

You see, this classic car is more than just something pretty to look at. It’s a tap truck.

A mobile beverage service of sorts now able to hit the open road. Roads Toole used to patrol.

“I was a police officer with Tybee for five years. Ended up being a Lieutenant out there.”

More specifically he ran the DUI unit. Which, ironically, is what gave him the idea.

“The whole time I was out there I kind of played with the idea of how to safely get people drinks. You know, people always have that, ‘I need one more drink’ or ‘we ran out of alcohol who’s going to make that midnight run?’”

Now Toole says that midnight run doesn’t have to happen.

“We handle all the alcohol. You invite the guest. We do the rest.”

Hoping to keep potential drunk drivers off the streets. Serving his community, in a different way.

Plus it doesn’t hurt that now people are a bit more excited when they see him pull up.

“Yeah, it’s a hundred percent difference. When I get out of the car now people are like, ‘hey cool truck! Love the truck!’ Where it used to be, ‘oh no,’” Toole laughed.

Toole says he also brings a Breathalyzer to every event he serves to help insure no drunk drivers get behind the wheel.

The Tap Truck does offer more than just alcohol. In fact, Joseph said he do any beverage from soda to coffee.

If you’d like to try out the Tap Truck for yourself or learn more about their services, click here.

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