Savannah sculptor creates art shown across the U.S.

Savannah sculptor creates art shown across the U.S.

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Savannah has its share of artists who have either moved here or are from here. While many do their work on canvas, at least one is best known for her work with sculptures, including a couple here in the Hostess City.

Susie Chisholm has been a professional sculptor for 23 years. The Savannah native credits her upbringing for her love of art.

“Savannah’s a beautiful place but I really think it’s that I grew up in a family that appreciated art and not everybody has that. Not everybody has a background where they understand art, are taken to museums. But you look around Savannah and it is beautiful, and a lot of people don’t have beautiful cites like we have,” said Susie Chisholm, Sculptor.

Chisholm has artwork in more than five states from Colorado to Pennsylvania, and she has sold her smaller pieces to people from various continents. That also includes works right here at home, and she puts in the work to be true to details.

“I think it’s doing research. I think it’s very much doing research. When I did the Johnny Mercer piece, I read several biographies on Johnny Mercer. I talked with people who knew Johnny Mercer, I knew his personality, I knew what we were looking for, we wanted somebody that when you walked up to them you got a warm fuzzy feeling. He was that kind of person. You walked up and he had a big grin on his face. He was that kind of person, everybody said that he was just always so friendly,” Chisholm explained.

Chisholm also said she went as far as calling the New York Fire Department to find out what kind of fire hydrant Mercer would have been sitting on. They surprised her by sending her one, which now sits at the entrance to her home.

When asked what it’s like knowing she’s the inspiration for many people becoming familiar and enjoying that style of art, Chisholm replied, “It just means a lot to me to know that they are interacting and they’re feeling from it, that they’re getting something, a feeling from a piece of sculpture. A lot of pieces I do are historical, so there teaching a bit of history.”

But it’s not always just educational.

“I’ve got Sam Adams in Boston. He’s outside of a museum. And when the Red Sox went to the World Series, somebody put a Red Sox jacket on him, they put a hat on him, and they put a baseball in his hand. They were having great fun with him,” Chisholm said.

Chisholm says every time it snows they wrap him up, and now they are putting masks on him. And she’s been getting pictures with Johnny Mercer wearing a mask as well.

Chisholm is also the sculptor for the bronze runner at Lake Mayer. She has more than 20 life-sized statues around the country and around 75 smaller pieces around the world.

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