Savannah officers fired after man bound with shirt over mouth, according to police report

Savannah officers fired after man bound with shirt over mouth, according to police report

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - New details coming in about an excessive force case that cost two Savannah police officers their jobs.

Cpl. Daniel Kang and Sgt. Octavio Arango were fired from the department as part of a use of force investigation into their actions during an arrest. That case is currently being sent to a grand jury to determine if criminal charges against the officers are warranted.

In the incident report written by Arango, he describes how it all happened from his perspective. In Arango’s report, he says it started when his warrant squad went to capture a suspect at Moss Pointe Apartments.

Arango’s report shows he saw a man who he thought looked like the suspect. Officers chased him into an apartment. Arango says the man disregarded several commands to get on the ground and that’s when Arango says he and Kang put the man on the ground.

Later in the report, the man is seated in a chair and questioned – it’s at that point that Arango says the man spit a glob of blood and phlegm at him. Arango says it appeared the man was going to spit at him again but Arango shoved his face back and put him on the ground.

Arango says the man continued to spit at him and Kang while shouting obscenities. Arango says he then forced the man’s jaw closed and his t-shirt was pulled over his face.

Arango says he found a t-shirt on the porch and tied it over the man’s mouth to keep him from spitting. Arango says the man eventually removed the shirt but didn’t spit again.

The report says the man told Arango he spit on him because Arango messed up his chin. The man was then taken to the hospital to be treated. The man involved in this report was not the original suspect police were looking for.

The report also notes that Arango’s body camera was not activated during this incident.

The District Attorney will take the case before a grand jury the week of Sept. 14.

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