Bryan Co. School District gives students hardship appeal option

Bryan Co. School District gives students hardship appeal option

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - The Bryan County School District is hoping to ease a little stress for students and families.

Since the start of the new school year, they have been offering parents and families a hardship appeal, which could allow them to switch from e-learning to face-to-face or vice versa.

Since the start of the pandemic when schools were affected, e-learning has become a challenge for not only students but teachers and parents as well. Which is why the Bryan County School District, says they offered the hardship appeal because they knew this entire process would eventually become a challenge for many.

“We knew this was going to be a struggle for a lot of our learners especially our younger learners who were very concerned about starting off kindergarten, first grade, second grade inside a virtual classroom,” said Dr. Trey Robertson, Bryan County Schools Teaching and Learning Assistant Superintendent.

Dr. Trey Robertson says the e-learning process is much different from back in March, April, and even May.

He says they anticipated many students and families would reconsider their decision or would need to make a switch.

“It could be a change in your family status, it could be a parent who was available for an e-learner in the morning time when they had class and then their job changes, and now they’re not available so no one can be there with the kindergartner or first grader.”

Many families appreciated having versatility.

“Adjusting from summer to school and thinking virtual learning might be best, and then having a change of heart and realizing you know I want to be at school I need that interaction,” said Christie Nix, Bryan County parent.

Chrisite Nix originally had one student who chose e-learning and one who chose face-to-face, but after submitting the hardship appeal, both of her kids are now learning face-to-face. The process only took a week.

“She loves high school, she’s so glad to be there and so I think for our family it’s been a blessing that she was extended the grace of getting to change her mind around the circumstances that we have going in this 2020 year.”

Dr. Robertson says an appeal can also bring a teacher change for students, especially younger ones.

Appeal forms are available on all school websites and the Bryan County Schools education website.

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