Richmond Hill non-profit heading to Louisiana to help hurricane victims

Richmond Hill non-profit heading to Louisiana to help hurricane victims

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - A non-profit organization in Richmond Hill is headed to Louisiana to help victims of Hurricane Laura.

Members of the SD Gunner Fund left with a trailer full of essential items for families who have lost a lot.

It’s a scene all too familiar for the Kinard Family. When Hurricane Matthew devastated the Savannah area, they were left with nothing. People stepped in to help them and now they want to do the same.

There are more than 100 cases of water, over 50 gallons of bleach, cleaning supplies, a grill, and much more heading to Louisiana.

Britnee Kinard says COVID-19 is making things even more difficult and anything they can do to show kindness and let the victims know that somebody cares is what matters.

“For us a lot of people don’t realize, my husband and I lost our home in Hurricane Matthew and it was absolutely devastating. It was just really a terrible time, so I understand what it feels like to feel lost, to feel like you don’t have any help, to feel like you’re kind of desperate at that moment. We had two small children and we were basically living in our driveway. That’s really where a lot of this comes into play is just people showing up and showing kindness to let you know that somebody cares,” Kinard said.

If you would like to donate to help purchase gas or other items for victims in Louisiana, you can text SD Gunner to 24365 or you can head to their SD Gunner Fund website.

They’re hoping to make another delivery in the next week.

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