Savannah Police Department’s revamped community officer program

Savannah Police Department’s revamped community officer program

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - There are new officers hitting the streets of Savannah. But these officers are different.

They’re part of a revamped Community Service program. These community officers ride along with police officers on non-emergency calls and take reports. They do not carry guns.

Their goal is to interact with the community and make people feel more comfortable about calling the police for help.

“A lot of people we meet when we go on calls are kind of about calling the police, for one. And when police show up, they kind of get scared. So, when they see us instead, they’re more inclined to talk to us. We talk to them like regular people, kind make the whole environment a little bit better. More comfortable for them to come forward with problems so that we can help them,” Nayirah Williams said.

Right now, there are four community service officers working with the Savannah Police Department.

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