Families left cleaning up graves after flooding at Woodville Cemetery

Heavy rains left parts of the cemetery underwater, including multiple grave sites

Families left cleaning up graves after flooding at Woodville Cemetery

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Heavy rains Sunday night wrought havoc on a local cemetery. Now, parts of Woodville Cemetery in Savannah are underwater, leaving loved ones to clean up the mess.

Earlier today I spoke to a mother who spent the start of her Labor Day in the last place she expected: her daughters grave.

“You don’t want to see this and your child like this. You don’t want to see this.”

When Dorothy Ealey buried her daughter at Woodville Cemetery seven years ago, she never expected what she saw Monday morning.

“If I knew this was a flooded area, that do like this, I wouldn’t have put my child here. I wouldn’t have done that,” said Ealey.

But unfortunately, she says she didn’t know.

So, her Labor Day morning was spent at the cemetery cleaning her daughters grave herself.

“This was my day off and this wasn’t what I wanted to do, you know. But, this is my child,” said Ealey.

After more than an hour Ealey finally had her daughter’s grave clean.

But the same couldn’t be said for so many others.

Including one which seemed to have risen out of the ground.

flooded gravesite
flooded gravesite (Source: Sam Bauman)

“That’s awful, that’s wrong. It’s very soft over there so we couldn’t do anything to try and fix anything, you know,” Ealey said.

In fact, while WTOC was there, plenty of people came to check on graves, but there didn’t appear to be anyone on site from Woodville Cemetery to clean up.

Something Ealey feels needs to change.

“I feel they should do something about it. They shouldn’t let this go like that because these are people’s loved ones that are out here.”

Ealey says she is concerned about what will happen to her daughter’s grave when it rains again.

WTOC did call a number listed for the cemetery owner online to ask for comment.

So far we have not heard back.

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