Labor Day brings big boost for Savannah businesses

Labor Day brings big boost for Savannah businesses

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Despite the ongoing pandemic, thousands of people still hit the streets this Labor Day weekend to shop and eat. They’re ending this unofficial summer with a bang.

While many of the people who came into town for Labor Day have started making their way back home, many business owners that we talked to downtown say despite the pandemic, this weekend was definitely one for the books.

“It was packed to the walls all night and people were constantly coming in,” said Lexi Moore Yatai shift leader.

That seemed to be the story for many businesses downtown with people flocking to the Hostess City to enjoy one last holiday weekend before the official end of summer.

“It was definitely our busiest weekend I have ever seen here. Since opening in March it’s been fairly slow because we opened right around COVID.”

Moore says since opening their doors for the first time, this weekend really gave them a big boost.

“I know we did about 400 tickets so that’s 400 orders that came through. Normally we would not get over 200, so it was pretty substantial, maybe over a 50 percent increase.”

Around the corner on Broughton street, the streets may be a bit quieter than they were two days ago, but The Impeccable Pig store owner Madelyn Radwan says the pandemic didn’t stop people from spending money.

“Just comparing Fourth of July and Labor Day weekend, I would have to say it’s probably like 40 percent better than what we did Fourth of July weekend,” said Radwan.

She says people feeling more comfortable than in March really made all the difference.

“It was just a big hype this weekend, everyone was out, everyone was in good spirits, everyone was sipping and shopping and having a good time, so it was a good weekend.”

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