Students, teachers return to class virtually in Beaufort Co.

Students, teachers return to class virtually in Beaufort Co.

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Tuesday was the first day of school for Beaufort County students and teachers.

They returned in a virtual setting. Even though teachers aren’t using the technology they expected to, principals say it could be an advantage.

It’s the first day of school here in Beaufort County but there are no students coming through these halls. And parents and teachers say they hope they are able to return soon.

“Today is the first day so a lot of kinks have been worked out, but the first two periods I’ve had I had a lot of attendance,” said teacher Jesse Davidson.

“Well, we are teaching virtually until we are able to come back. This morning was absolutely awesome. I had my first two classes, my students were in the class, on time. And participating," said teacher Jacqueline Abbott.

At Lady’s Island Middle School, most teachers will be greeting their students using Google classroom and zoom. The county purchased a learning platform called K-12 Learning Solutions, but as we found last week, that was not yet accessible.

Tuesday, teachers are continuing to access their login information and set up their classroom while students log onto platforms they are already familiar with.

“They are really comfortable with Google platform and zoom. It’s what they know well and the students know that too. So that was a really good decision for us to use that to start with," said Lady’s Island Middle School Principal Chavon Browne.

Browne says the first few days of school are all about getting to know each other and setting classroom standards. She says teachers will use this time to let kids interact over zoom and then share her screen and instruct them on how they can use the new platform, K-12 Learning Solutions

“It can’t just be a one day we stop in one day we start. So, the good thing about using platforms like Google and zoom is that you can share your screen. And so teachers are going to be able to model and walk through K 12 learning solutions, and they are going to train the kids on this over a short period of time and then get them acclimated and then make the switch.”

Teachers across the county expect to make the switch in the next two to three weeks.

The district has not announced what its plans for next semester are just yet, but it is most likely they will stay online through the fall.

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