Good News: Leader of local ministry inspires others with his own story

Good News: Leader of local ministry inspires others with his own story

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A Savannah man who has inspired many with his story of redemption has reached an inspiring milestone.

“I’ve been all around the country. I lived out the life of which I dreamed.”

Music is the vehicle for Tim Malchak’s personal ministry. But the inspiration for it is something that he had a handle on long before he could touch it.

“One thing I give all the glory to God for is, I just celebrated 25 years of being completely drug free.”

For Malchak, there is no separating the two, even though it was six years after he got sober that he started sharing testimony through music.

“Having gotten saved in ’99, I knew I wanted to change my direction musically and use the gifts he gave me to bring music to him, not me ... the ministry itself has always been focused around me and the guitar. Not a big worship band. I’ve led worship in a lot of churches, but the focus has been me and the guitar.”

That is a long way from his first 20 years in the business, when Malchak says he was a music industry cliché.

“Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll and I lived it all. I had a 26 year cocaine addiction, from the age of 12 until 1995 ... there were some events that took place that I probably shouldn’t have survived. But I feel God had another plan for me.”

That’s the plan he has been following since 2001, performing songs and sharing his story with church groups, private audiences and the Band of Brothers men’s bible study.

“Before the pandemic, we would do Friday mornings and Tuesday mornings. I’d do a half hour of worship music and Kenny would preach, Kenny Grant. I’m looking forward to getting back to that. I miss those guys terribly.”

Like most musicians, Malchak hasn’t been able to play live shows during the pandemic. But he has maintained his ministry with Facebook Live performances. And, for 25 years, he has maintained his gratitude for getting sober.

“I thank God for my sobriety every day ... It’s like God lifted a veil off of my eyes and I was able to understand and hear the gospel the way he intended me to. Yeah, I had to get clean for everything to make sense to me.”

Malchak has continued to write and record during the health crisis. His latest single "Me and My Guitar'' is available on his website – - along with other original music and his testimony.

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