Ga. House District 163 runoff recount review meeting with candidates canceled

GA House District 163 Meeting Canceled

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The results in the hand recount for Georgia House District 163 are complete.

According to candidates Anne Allen Westbrook and Derek Mallow, the hand recount was different from the original count by a single vote. Now, those results have to be re-certified but the results will stay the same, with Mallow as the winner.

Friday morning, Mallow, Westbrook and their teams were supposed to meet with election officials to review the recount results.

But Mallow told WTOC that did not happen. He says when they arrived for the meeting the County Assistant Attorney told them it was canceled due to possible pending litigation. Mallow says going through this recount process has been a great experience but he also says he was astonished that they couldn’t have a meeting.

“In this process, we believe in free and fair elections." said Derek Mallow "And we want to make sure that everybody who casts a ballot in any race knows that both campaigns agree that free and fair elections are a bedrock to democracy. We just want to ensure that the voters know that we were transparent in the process so that there' s no questions or doubts that we supported a transparent process and it was clear today that that may not been displayed as such.”

The Chatham County Board of Elections is holding a meeting next Monday to re-certifiy the results.

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