Some Jasper Co. students return to school in-person as part of phased re-entry plan

Jasper Co. students return to school in-person

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Jasper County is starting to send students back into the classroom one month into the school year.

Several students went back to school in Jasper County Monday for the first time in months. And more students are going to be following soon.

Jasper County started its three phase re-enrollment plan Monday. For one mother, the change was vital.

“I am happy. I am very happy, because now, I got one back on track. I have two more I need to get the help they need.”

Katie is a mother to three Jasper County students. Her seventh grader went back Monday as part of Jasper County’s Phase 1, which she believes he will do much better now that he is back with teachers.

“He is in seventh grade now and he is so behind. I think he needs that one on one teacher to help him.”

She says she can’t wait for her fourth and second graders to go back as well. The county hopes elementary school students will return by Sept. 28, while older students will follow in mid-October. All grade levels will be using a hybrid model.

“I don’t think they are getting the learning they should be. Where it’s better where they are in the school we are they are getting learning with the teacher.”

Katie’s family has experienced some technological difficulties. She says she is just hopeful schools are able to return over the next few weeks as they are planning.

“I just really, I hope, you know, everything works out and we can get our kids back to normal.”

Parents can choose whether they want to send their child back to the in-person hybrid model or remain on the 100 percent virtual model. That choice will stand for the rest of the school year.

The school district has a survey online for parents. Please click here to view the survey.

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