Rincon city council continues millage rollback streak

Rincon city council continues millage rollback streak

RINCON, Ga. (WTOC) - For the 22nd straight year,the City of Rincon voted to keep the same millage rate and avoid a property tax increase for residents.

Monday night city council voted to rollback the millage rate to zero mills. The mayor says the projected millage rate was 4.60 mills.

He says Rincon is just one of a handful of cities in the state that were able to do this. Money the city had set aside for years enabled city leaders to avoid raising property taxes. The mayor says they’re proud they’ve been able to rollback the millage projection since 1988.

“The fact that we’ve been without a property tax hasn’t come easy,” said Mayor Ken Lee. “It’s required a lot of planning and a lot of follow through by our staff and cutting corners, just being very frugal with the way we spend the money. So I appreciate the way our staff has taken care of the city’s money as they have.”

The city also approved a Fair Housing Resolution and more lighting to be placed at the roundabout at Fort Howard and Old Augusta roads at their meeting.

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