Beaufort Police working to be more transparent by adding new data to website

Beaufort Police working to be more transparent by adding new data to website

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - The City of Beaufort Police Department is expanding what data they add to their website.

When you log onto the Beaufort Police website you can now see a tab for data. It’s part of the police departments new effort to enhance transparency to the public. In this tab you can find activity reports, reports taken, as well as the demographics.

The Beaufort Police say the data they are publishing on the website are things they have always taken track up. Just now, they are making them public. Things like how many cars they have out on the road to how many traffic stops they have every day.

They are also collecting information specific to demographic research. Things like race, sex, age, and whether or not vehicles were searched. But now they are making that information readily available for the public to view whenever they want.

“It shows them that we, one, have nothing to hide, and two, everything we do is in their best interest. We are trying to make for a safer community for them to live in, a safer community for them to visit, and a safer community for our tourists. So, it kind of just shows that we are on the right track and we are trying to stay as a 21st-century law-enforcement agency," said Interim Police Chief Dale McDorman.

The new website also offers services and resources provided by the police residents that you can use for free.

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